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    Limit to the Sky Romain Bucaille

    "A photographic essay on architecture of balconies from different parts of the world. Lost in the deep blue of the sky, these balconies appear as alone, extracted from the building they’re attached to."


    Nannup Holiday House iredale pedersen hook architects

    I couldn’t stop looking at her, didn’t want to blink. She was wicked looking—shiny black hair that hung down over the curve of slender hips, drooping lashes, partly raised, no Raggedy Ann doll. The sight of her made me high. All that and her voice. It was a voice that drove out bad spirits. It was like she’d come down from another planet.
    Bob Dylan on Joan Baez (via v-o-g-u-e-i-s-a-r-t)

    (Source: dokhie)

    Es mīlu tevi
    Kā vilnis jūrmalu,
    Kā ziediņš smaržu,
    Kā mēness nakti mīl,
    Kā rudens sauli.
    Es mīlu tevi tā,
    Kā vārds mīl ausi,
    Kā stars mīl aci,
    Kā pukstiens tavu sirdi mīl -
    Es mīlu tevi.